Various Projects
The large scale residential development in downtown San Diego, California is treated as four distinct towers with prominent lobby spaces between the towers linking the project to the surrounding streets.

with TannerHecht Architecture

The project takes advantage of the temperate climate with landscaped courtyards giving access to commercial, retail, and live/work spaces at ground level.

with TannerHecht Architecture
Located in San Francisco, California this addition to an existing school campus takes the form of three discrete volumes stepping down the steeply sloping site housing science labs and art classrooms above grade while a theater is below grade.

with SMWM Architects
The masonry façade is generally in keeping with the existing campus while large wall openings with translucent and transparent glazing yield a crisp, modern character.

with SMWM Architects
The University of San Francisco School of Business is linked to an existing classroom building while holding a prominent street front on the edge of campus. The concrete framed structure adopts a modernist language from the existing adjacent classroom building, with a smooth white volume punctured by prominent incisions at the window openings.

with SMWM Architects
The new home for the San Francisco Conservatory of Music contains three performance spaces distinct in scale and character as well as a library, individual practice rooms and administrative spaces. The warm, richly detailed performance spaces are linked by an airy, multiple level lobby.

with SMWM Architects

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