Delft, The Netherlands
The new school of Architecture facility is designed to have three realms of activity. Public uses are at the lower levels of the building, design studios at the top. Between these two is the interagent, an intermediate agent, which contains the tangible action of creation supporting the discourse occurring throughout the school.

The school is placed along a linear park which acts as a circulation link through the existing campus, supporting train, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.
Public uses are organized around a common entry hall at the lower levels. Pockets of casual meeting space are interspersed with programmed spaces around the hall. These voids between programmed spaces also serve as openings for natural lighting and ventilation of the hall. Composed of a series of linear volumes framing landscaped outdoor spaces, the studios at the top of the structure provide workspace with balanced natural lighting and good visibility of and access to the shared outdoor spaces. Between the public and studio realms is the interagent, containing the labs for material research, model shop, computer lab, and sketching/drawing studio, as well as a gym and the building mechanical systems on one large single floor plate.
The roof of the studios and the largely opaque walls of the auditorium and other presentation spaces are energy generating surfaces clad with glass tube solar collectors.
At the corner over the main entry the floor of the interagent slopes up to create an outdoor theater/presentation space. The sloped slab highlights the school entry as viewed from the linear park.

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